Setting eager defaults for SQLAlchemy ORM models

Default values. We tend to not really think about them. They casually get applied at just the right time when we persist our objects, and everything is right with the universe. Except maybe, sometimes, we need that default value to be there before we flush to the database. What if we want the default earlier?

All defaults, all the time

Let’s start with something basic, where we try to eagerly apply as many defaults as we can during construction. SQLAlchemy allows for a whole host of different defaults, but briefly summarized, these are broadly what are accepted:

  1. Constant values. Strings, booleans, containers, or any value object
  2. SQL expressions. That are executed during flush (e.g.
  3. Python callables. These can be of two kinds: simple argument-less functions, or ones that are context sensitive, meaning they accept an execution context, which allows access to other columns’ values and various other bits.

During object creation, we don’t actually interact with the database, so SQL expressions are meaningless, and because Python functions will expect a context, it’s easier to just ignore all of them. Constant values it is!

So how do we go about this? Overriding the __init__ method is the obvious first candidate. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work due to the internals of the ORM machinery. Thankfully the SQLAlchemy developers have thought of us and there’s the option to provide an alternative constructor during the creation of the ORM Base class. Using this, let’s define a Base, our User model and a basic alternative constructor:

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